Policy of www.nationchemistry.com

Content policy
1. Content refers to the text of letters and picture files appearing on the articles and in different parts of www.nationchemistry.com.
2. Web content mainly presents the knowledge regarding agricultural crops, such as field crops, horticultural crops, home-grown vegetables, economic trees, flowers, and issues in other areas.
3. Articles in the website are collected, analyzed and re-written by not copying from other articles in order to have comprehensive knowledge of all areas and aspects.
4. Content published may refer to any product or brand name and the website administrator is not intended to conduct public relations or advertising for such product, rather is only intended to provide their samples available in the present.

Website usage policy
1. Users can access the text of letters and image files that appear on pages called content without being restricted by the website.
2. Content appearing on the website is copyrighted by the website administrator. Users may never copy any part of the content for publication on other websites, especially illegal or unethical websites. However, there may be an exception in the case of asking permission and being authorized by www.nationchemistry.com.
3. Any publication with a link to www.nationchemistry.com is supported by the website only when such link is created in websites that are illegal and not contrary to good morals.
4. Users should carefully consider the information presented before its utilization in order to have a true usefulness without any negative impact on those who apply such information.
5. In case of questions or suggestions, the users can contact the website administrator via e-mail. The website administrator will keep the information about users confidential by not publishing or taking any action that would cause damage to such information or users.