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Currently, many chemical substances and products are synthesized and produced. These substances can have both beneficial and harmful effects on humans, animals, plants and environment and these causes and effects are more or less based on knowledge and understanding of users or those involved in these things.

Knowledge and information of each chemical substance or product are forced to be prepared according to the law in the form of MSDS or product indication. These data are published as documents that general people cannot access them thoroughly or even can access them in the form of product data but sometimes users cannot see or understand them thoroughly. However, if the dissemination of these data is done through easily accessible media with a comprehensive content, it will thus be an effective way for common people to access these data thoroughly. Therefore, the team of www.nationchemistry.com has collected knowledge and information about chemical substances and products so that individuals who are relevant and interested can access them easily.

Target groups
Target groups of publishing this content are divided by those involved as follows:
1. Manufacturers and personnel in the enterprises
2. Dealers and distributors
3. Individuals who use chemical substances and products
4. Educational personnel
5. General people who are interested in chemical substances and products

How to contact website administrator
You can ask or send your questions, comments and suggestions, including various issues, to chiranan101@gmail.com